Community connections create health and wellness.

Trusted community health workers help individuals and families navigate the complex web of medical and social services to get the support they need.

Neighborhood Networks creates a “wellness system” that breaks down barriers between healthcare and community-based organizations. Our coordinated approach helps these systems work together to more effectively address the health-related social needs of community members.

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Neighborhood Networks' Coordinated Approach helps...

  • Individuals and families to develop one-on-one relationships with trusted community health workers, to help them reach their health goals
  • Healthcare organizations to achieve health improvements for their members and patients
  • Community-based organizations to build their capacity to hire well-trained community health workers

Our innovative model provides a single source of support and referrals, making it easier for community members to access neighborhood resources.

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Trusted Neighborhood Navigators use evidence-based approaches to identify and address multiple risk factors that influence health outcomes.

We build new partnerships between healthcare and community-based organizations to address impacts of the social determinants of health.

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Meet the innovative and experienced individuals who provide management, training, and support for Neighborhood Networks.

Here is what people have to say about the benefits of Neighborhood Networks.

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