Lucia’s Story: Living at Home Alone

Lucia had always valued her independence. She successfully raised a family and worked hard her entire life. But at 82, when Lucia’s health issues—including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and depression—resulted in multiple hospitalizations and made it difficult for her to live alone, Lucia moved in with her daughter Maria and her family.
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Lucia was uncomfortable depending on others and she didn’t want to be a financial burden on Maria. She began skipping meals and not taking her medication regularly in order to reduce the expense of her care. Not knowing about Lucia’s concerns, Maria grew frustrated that her mother wasn’t following her doctor’s orders and eating regularly. They began to argue and, as Lucia spent more time isolated in her room, her health issues worsened.

Fortunately, a new program called Neighborhood Networks is helping people just like Lucia. Neighborhood Networks deploy community health workers—known as navigators—to conduct in-person meetings with people who have unmet health and social needs and connect them with community resources.

Rosa, a navigator with Neighborhood Networks, was asked by Lucia’s health plan to meet with her to see if she could help. Rosa worked with Lucia and Maria to gain their trust and reveal the underlying reasons for Lucia’s health decline. After a long discussion, they agreed on a plan for Lucia to eat regularly, exercise, and spend more time with Maria. Rosa also connected Maria with a support group for women who care for aging parents.

With Rosa’s help, Lucia is feeling better, Maria is getting the support she needs as a caregiver, and their relationship has improved greatly.

Client names and images have been changed to protect privacy

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