Claudia’s Story: Finding Community Health Worker Support

Claudia was facing challenges in many aspects of her life. She suffered from significant mental health issues including bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder. Her marriage was failing, and she often had panic attacks. She found it difficult to hold down a job and often lacked enough money for essentials such as food, clothing, and utilities.
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Fortunately, a program called Neighborhood Networks is helping people just like Claudia. Neighborhood Networks deploys community health workers—known as navigators—to support people who have unmet health and social needs and connect them with community resources.

Claudia’s health plan, Health Net, identified Claudia as needing extra support due to missing preventive services. Health Net asked Neighborhood Networks navigator Veronica to meet with Claudia to assess her needs and provide assistance. Veronica learned that Claudia frequently missed her mental health appointments. Because of her anxiety, Claudia rarely ventured outside to exercise, and she often did not have enough food to eat.

Veronica agreed to regularly call Claudia as a reminder one day before her scheduled appointments and follow up with her the day after to see how it went. Together, they set a goal for Claudia to take her companion dog for walks at least three times a week as a way to be physically active and overcome her anxiety.

Veronica assisted Claudia to apply for CalFresh and connected her with a nearby food distribution site for more immediate food assistance. She arranged an appointment at a local family resource center, where Claudia was able to get clothing and other necessities. Veronica is also arranging for discounted utilities and obtaining legal assistance to help Claudia begin the process of her divorce.

With Veronica’s help, Claudia is keeping appointments with her therapist and getting outside regularly to walk her dog. She now has access to food, clothing, and other basic needs. The next steps include helping Claudia continue to improve her health by arranging appointments for preventive care and recommended screenings. 

Client names and images have been changed to protect privacy

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