Claudia’s Story: Finding Community Health Worker Support

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Claudia was facing challenges in many aspects of her life. She suffered from significant mental health issues including bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorder. Her marriage was failing, and she often had panic attacks. She found it difficult to hold down a job and often lacked enough money for essentials such as food, clothing, and utilities.

Lucia’s Story: Living at Home Alone

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Lucia had always valued her independence. She successfully raised a family and worked hard her entire life. But at 82, when Lucia’s health issues—including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and depression—resulted in multiple hospitalizations and made it difficult for her to live alone, Lucia moved in with her daughter Maria and her family.

Maria’s Story: Making Community Resource Connections

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Maria faced several serious health issues including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and anemia. Her husband had recently lost his job, resulting in financial hardship. With no car, Maria had difficulty getting to medical appointments, and her apartment needed multiple repairs. These issues weighed heavily on Maria and her mental and physical health worsened.

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